Selling Your Home

selling Atlanta homes

When it comes to selling your home in Atlanta real estate market, you need an aggressive real estate broker on your side. You need a broker with experience with the confidence to deliver results. Someone who knows the process of selling homes in any market and can help you to make the best decision. The following is a breakdown of the process of selling your home in a competitive real estate environment.

Appraising Your Atlanta Home

Selling your home starts with getting a good appraisal. Choosing the right appraiser that is diligent  and meticulous will give the best chance of getting the correct appraisal value for your home. Bear in mind that before you sell you may want to make some upgrades to increase property value.

Even the most minor upgrades can make a difference. You may not be able to redo a bathroom or kitchen, but simply changing a few items such as cabinets or countertops can increase the appraised value. Comparing your home to similar houses in your area can give you ideas of where you can make simple improvements.

Inspecting Your Atlanta Home

The burden of getting the home inspected before purchase is the responsibility of the buyer. This does not mean that you can not perform your own inspection. It is recommended that you take an inventory of what is wrong with your home beforehand to avoid slowing up the selling process.  You don’t have to hire your own inspector, but taking the time out to visualize the problem areas in your own can help avoid major surprises.

If you do however decide to hire an inspector before putting your home for sale in Atlanta, you should make sure you are hiring a reliable inspector. Your Atlanta real estate broker can refer you to someone that is reputable, but by all means, you should also do your due diligence in making this selection.

Pricing Your Atlanta Home For Sale

Selling your home fast in Atlanta may pose its challenges due to the competitive real estate market. This fact makes pricing your home for sale in Atlanta an important process. Along with your appraised value, there are other aspects of pricing that has to be considered. You will also need to take into consideration the amount of similar properties for sale.

If you truly want to sell fast, you may have to lowball a little. Keep in mind that lowering the price of your home does not necessarily mean that you will not sell at your desired price. Many times buyers get caught in a bidding war when they spot a great deal.

Creating A Curb Appeal

Improvements to the home exterior is equally as important to increase buyer’s interest. Creating a good curb appeal starts with lawn care maintenance. A well manicured lawn, trimmed bushes, and some plants can help create buyers attention. The initial thing a buyer will see is the outside of your home, a well kept exterior will invite them to view the inside.

Take Appealing Photos

Taking great photos that appeal to the potential buyer is another must for selling your home. This should be left to your real estate agent. They have experience in what buyers are looking for. With the internet being the main place for buyers to view your property, high quality photos can enhance your chances of getting them to schedule a walk through.

During a walk through, you should allow the agent to do his or her job. Do not attempt to jump into the conversation unless the buyer ask a question of you directly. Getting too involved may make you seem desperate and give the buyer the wrong impression. Additionally, an experience agent should know exactly how to present your home in a way to sell it.

Selling your home in a big metropolitan like Atlanta is not an easy task. Making sure you have all the components needed is necessary to securing a fast and profitable transaction. Choosing the experience of experienced professionals are mandatory for success.

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